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Uniden GMR1635 Review

Introduction We have all felt the enormous frustration of not being able to hear or be heard by someone we desperately need to communicate with in the moment. The Uniden GMR1635-2 is a base model two-way radio walkie talkie which is ready for most fun activities that

Uniden MHS126 Review

Uniden MHS126 Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: If you are a rower or boater or if you are someone who spends considerable amount on the sea sending out signals to different parties then this is exactly the walkie talkie review for you. Looking for a great marine

Uniden GMR3040 Review

Uniden GMR3040 Business Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: Offering great sound and reception quality as well as great durability are some of the top features of Uniden’s GMR3040 FRS/GMRS enabled walkie talkie model. The 22-channel walkie talkie radio operates over a range of between 2 to 4 miles in normal

Uniden Atlantis 250G Review

Uniden Atlantis 250G VHF Marine Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Uniden Atlantis 250G is a large and heavy radio from Uniden’s VHF marine walkie talkie range. It is designed with outdoor activities, and especially marine use in mind. The Walkie talkies frame features a rugged and ergonomic

Uniden MHS235 Review

Uniden MHS235 Marine Radio Review Check lowest price: The Uniden MHS235 Handheld Marine Radio is a walkie talkie specifically designed with marine use in mind. The radio is packed with features that’ll come in handy for anyone planning a trip off-shore. The MHS235 truly is a state of

Uniden GMR5089 Review

Uniden GMR5089 Submersible Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Uniden GMR5089 is a submersible walkie talkie capable of reaching 50-Mile GMRS/FRS ranges that’s designed for all kinds of outdoor recreational activities. The heavy duty palm sized walkie talkie is equipped with a wide range of features.