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Cobra ACXT145 Review

  We have reviewed a lot of walkie-talkie sets, and the Cobra ACXT145 are very small, compact sets. One of the great things about these is that they are simple, sturdy and solid. The range on these is fairly decent. The battery on these is good enough

Cobra CXT235 Review

Introduction The Cobra CXT 235 is touted to feature a compact design and is advertised to have a range of 20 miles. However, what the actual range is quite less. The device also has NOAA receiver, which means that you will be prepared for storms and emergencies

Cobra CXR725 Review

Cobra CXR725 Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: This Cobra CXR725 review is meant to help you make an informed decision on whether this model of walkie talkie is the right buy for you. If you are looking for a compact walkie talkie at around the $50 mark and yet

Cobra CXT390 Review

Cobra CXT390 Walkie-Talkie Review Check lowest price: Over the last decade Walkie-Talkies have lost favor as cell phones have taken over some of it’s basic functions, but extended its tange to span the entire world through satellite connection. The few walkie-talkie brands that have survived have done so by

Cobra CXR825 Review

Cobra CXR825 Compact Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: Walkie Talkies all pretty much do the same job and are all the same, right? They’re designed to allow you to broadcast as well as receive transmissions and do a splendid job at it. In many cases they look very similar so

Cobra CXR925 Review

Cobra CXR925 High Powered Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Cobra CXR925 walkie talkie, Cobra’s new release, is a high powered walkie talkie and part of the recent “greener range” of walkie talkies. It is packaged in a smaller, more environment friendly box, and is a lot

Cobra CXT 1035R Review

  Cobra CXT 1035R FLT Handheld Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Cobra CXT 1035R is the perfect handheld walkie talkie for any outdoor activities. It comes pre-charged so you can use it straight out of the box, the second it arrives. The CXT 1035R has a

Cobra MR HH500 Review

Cobra MR HH500 Long Range Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Cobra MR HH500 is a long range walkie talkie specifically designed for marine use. It is sturdy, and upon first impression definitely looks like it can take the rough weather conditions someone could find themselves in