Uniden MHS235 Review

Uniden MHS235 Handheld Marine Radio 2 PackUniden MHS235 Marine Radio Review

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The Uniden MHS235 Handheld Marine Radio is a walkie talkie specifically designed with marine use in mind. The radio is packed with features that’ll come in handy for anyone planning a trip off-shore. The MHS235 truly is a state of the art radio that’s not only convenient, it’ll actually save your life if it has to.

Being made for marine use, should you accidentally drop the MHS235 marine radio into the water then you will not have to worry. The radio is made with the highest level of water tightness available, preventing water and moist from damaging the radio. Additionally, the walkie talkie allows complete submersion in water up to 5 feet for 30 minutes and floats. To add to that, the radio glows in the dark, meaning that even in the night it will be easy to spot and retrieve the walkie talkie from the waters surface.

The walkie talkie has a big and clear LCD Display, and features a choice of two backlit colors, orange or green. It’s easy to read, whether it’s day or night time.

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Built-in GPS Features

One of the most distinctive features the MHS235 has is it’s built-in GPS receiver and compass display. This gives you the power to always know exactly where you are, and where you’re headed. Getting lost is a thing of the past. It’s also possible to add up to 100 favorite locations, making you always able to visit the same spot again and again. These features are especially handy when you just found that great fishing or diving spot that you’ll love to return to.

Another great feature in times of need is the DSC (Digital Selective Calling) function that comes with the GPS system. This Digital Selective Calling feature enables you to initiate an emergency call that sends out a mayday message and transmits your location to everyone nearby. Additionally, the Uniden MHS235 has a MOB (Man Overboard) feature which upon pressing marks the current location in the GPS, meaning you can always return quickly to help in case of an emergency. A real life saver!


The MHS235 has a power boost function which enables you to boost the transmission signal. There are 3 power options including 1, 2.5, and 6 Watt. The 6 Watt option will boost the signal to up to 10 miles on the open water. For a longer battery life span, you should set the walkie talkie to 1 or 2,5 Watt.

The radio comes with a high capacity rechargeable battery that can last for up to 11 hours transmission time if the lower power options are preserved. The MHS235 comes with an AC adaptor, battery tray, belt clip antenna, charging cradle and DC charger. When the battery is completely empty it only takes 2 hours to recharge it fully again. On top of this, you have the option to use standard AA alkaline batteries in the MHS235. This means that realistically, if you are well prepared, you should never run out of juice.

The Uniden MHS235 is known for it’s reliability, and it’s clear broadcast at all three power settings. It features a good background noise suppressor, which ensures a clear transmission, even if it’s windy, or you find yourself having to compete with a loud boat engine.

Other Features

Aside from the useful GPS features, the Uniden MHS235 has even more features to help you survive any difficult situation you may find yourself in. It has a powerful and bright LED strobe light, that can be seen from up to a mile away. Anyone looking for you will be able to find you without a problem, and it provides you with a light in the dark. The strobe can also be set to signal out SOS signals, so anyone seeing it will know you are in distress.

The MHS235 has access to all NOAA emergency weather channels across the USA, Canada and further international broadcasts. Wherever you will go, you will always stay updated to sudden weather changes, something that can be incredibly important on the open water. The Uniden MHS235 really is a great handheld marine radio that will give you peace of mind and convenience every time you’re out on a trip.


The Uniden MHS235 is a well-built and compact walkie talkie. It’s exterior is functional with a rubber grip and clear backlit buttons.

It’s very competitively priced compared to similar models from other brands. For example, the Retevis RT DPMR, a model with very similar features is priced higher than the Uniden. Both marine walkie talkies have built-in GPS systems, have comparable range, and similar weather features. We reckon that while the Uniden MHS235 doesn’t have the call recording and SMS forwarding options, this walkie talkie is a great buy for those who deem the Retevis too expensive.

The Uniden MHS235 is built to save lives. It’s features make this walkie talkie one of the best marine radios in it’s price range. It’s robust, and ideal for any off-shore boating trip.



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