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We have all felt the enormous frustration of not being able to hear or be heard by someone we desperately need to communicate with in the moment. The Uniden GMR1635-2 is a base model two-way radio walkie talkie which is ready for most fun activities that you might be planning. With virtually no static and an impressive battery life, this device has an advertised range of 16 miles of coverage. (However, it is worth noting that achieving that range is rare and only happens if the radios are used in perfect conditions. Realistically speaking, users can expect about one-two mile(s) of range.)


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They are designed with a strategy to prevent most interference. From children rough-housing in the front yard to men hunting in the woods, all users benefit from the crisp, clear sound that few products can consistently achieve.

The walkie talkie is lightweight and can easily be carried around. This makes it very much suitable for activities like outdoor gaming, hunting, hiking or basic uses like keeping track of your fellow mate.


The GMR1635 come with a variety of features. The 22 channels’ feature, including 7 FRS and 15 GMRS channels allow the user to communicate on multiple levels. Selecting the right channel for you is not very difficult. Hybrid FRS/GMRS consumer radios have been introduced to have 22 channels. FRS is used on a lower Wattage and has a shorter range. For this reason, UHF walkie talkies almost always operate on FRS channels. GMRS has a longer range due to a higher Wattage use. When we talk about a long range walkie talkie, we always refer to GMRS.

Uniden GMR1635

Uniden GMR1635

A full scan feature, which allows a user to find others in the area, is also present on this device. All two-way radios come with a monitor function, and so does this device. When activated, it overrides all programmed code settings and allows the receiver to hear what’s happening on any frequency. On a clear frequency, you’ll hear a hiss. If a frequency is in use, you’ll hear what’s being broadcast. Since you don’t want to risk missed messages or radio interference a scanner comes very handy there. When two or more discrete frequencies are received by a scanner, when it finds a signal on one of them, it scans other frequencies when the initial transmission ceases. This way we can be assured of the particular frequency on which our two way communications shall take place with our receiver.

The GMR1635 also includes a keypad lock, which helps a user avoid the accidental change of settings. It also sports a “roger” beep tone that increases the ease of functionality of the device. The auto-squelch feature reduces interference on the radio and it also has a call tone feature which helps having an audible notification when calling each other.


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The Uniden GMR1635 has an advertised transmission range of 16 miles. This range should be enough to always keep in touch with the members in your group during outings such as camping, hiking, and hunting. Having FRS channel systems, they can also work well for short distances, like baby monitors.  This well-priced walkie talkie is a perfect option for families, camping and nature enthusiasts. When using the device, a call tone signals the beginning of a transmission. The receiving end of transmissions marks it with a “roger beep” notifying the user that their message was received. These options can be turned off if desired by the user.

The Uniden GMR1635-2 comes with three AAA batteries, a reference guide and a pair of belt clips. Users have consistently described the battery life as impressive. Use high quality batteries from a trustworthy brand, and these walkie-talkies would generally withstand more than 24 hours; worth the replacement which will then, be necessary. In addition, they come with a battery life indicator, so a user is never taken by surprise when the batteries are completely depleted. You can also carry extra batteries hoping they might come handy sometime.

The Size is Ideal for Kids

The Size is Ideal for Kids

Moreover, these walkie talkies are 100% recyclable and they are printed with nontoxic ink. The pair of radios come in a traditional back, plastic casing and are small in size making them the perfect fit for adult or child use.

The LCD screen might be small, but conveys the messages it is supposed to. The battery indicator and the channel number being the most important of all. The audio system is pretty sleek and well developed. The automatic squelch system which shuts off unwanted noise and weak transmissions due to the terrain conditions. The sound is clear and static free.




Considering that a fair amount of purchase of this product for children and adults, it makes sense to believe that they are durable and can withstand a good amount of abuse. They are not as rugged as outdoor types, but work well for outings like hiking, hunting etc. The GMR1635 radios are small and easy to tote around. The ease of use makes these perfect for children. The simplicity of the model make them perfect for taking on a cruise, working on house projects, use around the neighborhood, camping, hiking and even for easy communication for weddings. Many liked the fact that they had replaceable batteries with a clear sound quality.  They are a simple walkie talkies, perfect for casual use and a good bargain for their price point.



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