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Motorola MS350R Review

Motorola MS350R Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: A lot of people may naively believe that the time of walkie talkies is long gone, just because mankind is living in the 21st century and we have many alternatives, but the opposite is true. There are hundreds of applications where

Cobra CXT390 Review

Cobra CXT390 Walkie-Talkie Review Check lowest price: Over the last decade Walkie-Talkies have lost favor as cell phones have taken over some of it’s basic functions, but extended its tange to span the entire world through satellite connection. The few walkie-talkie brands that have survived have done so by

Uniden GMR3040 Review

Uniden GMR3040 Business Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: Offering great sound and reception quality as well as great durability are some of the top features of Uniden’s GMR3040 FRS/GMRS enabled walkie talkie model. The 22-channel walkie talkie radio operates over a range of between 2 to 4 miles in normal

Kenwood TH-K20A Review

Kenwood TH-K20A Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: Walkie Talkies have always been the stock and barrel of law enforcement officials to quickly and continuously establish communication between the station and the roaming policemen. Today, walkie talkies have evolved and become a way of life for establishments such as

Motorola CP200 Review

Motorola CP200 Professional Radio Review Check lowest price: The Motorola CP200 is a professional radio that offers a wide range of features but comes with a bit of a hefty price tag. With a market full of cheap walkie talkies available, why should you pay more for your devices?

Cobra CXR825 Review

Cobra CXR825 Compact Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: Walkie Talkies all pretty much do the same job and are all the same, right? They’re designed to allow you to broadcast as well as receive transmissions and do a splendid job at it. In many cases they look very similar so

Midland GXT5000 Review

Midland GXT5000 Professional Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The MidLand GXT5000 is a professional walkie talkie, introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in 2011 by Midland representative Stuart Barber. The Midland GXT5000 was presented as a professional, tactical grade, long-range walkie talkie made for rough conditions so it can

Cobra CXR925 Review

Cobra CXR925 High Powered Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Cobra CXR925 walkie talkie, Cobra’s new release, is a high powered walkie talkie and part of the recent “greener range” of walkie talkies. It is packaged in a smaller, more environment friendly box, and is a lot

Uniden Atlantis 250G Review

Uniden Atlantis 250G VHF Marine Walkie Talkie Review Check lowest price: The Uniden Atlantis 250G is a large and heavy radio from Uniden’s VHF marine walkie talkie range. It is designed with outdoor activities, and especially marine use in mind. The Walkie talkies frame features a rugged and ergonomic

BaoFeng UV-82HP Review

BaoFeng UV-82HP Review Check lowest price: The BaoFeng UV-82HP is an upgraded version of walkie talkie from the previous series. The new BaoFeng UV-82HP ham walkie talkie offers many new features although the traditional case design is preserved for compliance with the existing hardware like chargers and connectors. The box includes