ESYNiC UHF Walkie Talkies Review

The Esynic UHF Walkie Talkies are feature rich walkie-talkies that pack a punch for the price. As far as these go, these are comparable to the BF-888s in terms of quality and features. What is surprising is that they can be paired with those very easily, and they work seamlessly too. It seems that they are all made by a single company or so, as the quality is very similar. However, I am not complaining, these are very well made.

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You get a pair of earpieces, a pair of chargers with a USB connector, antennas, belt clips and slings. You also get the walkie-talkies inside, along with the user manual for the walkie-talkies. What is interesting is that there is no adapter included. I used my power bank to charge these, and they worked just fine. It will work with your phone’s adapter as well.

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It should aslo work with a PC or a laptop if you have them lying around. There is a 1500 mAH Li-ion rechargeable battery included, which is a big plus. These Walkie Talkies by eSynic come in a plain, brown cardboard box with a hard plastic display/divider insider.

Setting up

Setting this walkie talkie up is a fairly simple process. All the parts are present in the box separately. You will need to attach the batteries to the slots. Just screw on the antennas to the walkie-talkie. If you wish to use belt clips with your walkie-talkie, there are two screws on the back of the walkie-talkies that need to be removed and reinstalled with the belt clips in place. The hand straps are difficult to get on but if you have a paper clip, open it up a use that to help force it through. The headsets are in Ziploc style bags for storage since they may or may not be used often.

Operating the walkie talkie

The walkie talkies have two knobs on the top. The far right knob turns the walkie-talkie on. There will be a voice prompt saying that it’s on. The knob can then control the volume. The other knob controls the stations from 1 to 16. Station 16 is a scanning station. There will be a voice prompt to tell you what station you are on. On the left side of the walkie talkie is a large black button which is the push-to-talk button.

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You press this button and speak into the mic which is on the front of the walkie talkie then release after you’re done speaking. Below that are two small orange buttons. The first orange button is the monitor button. Press and hold to hear the background noise. Release to return to normal operations. The lower orange button is the torch button. Just pressing it once turns on a light that is just below the antenna. If you press it twice, it makes a flash. Pressing it a third time turns it back off. On the right side of the walkie talkie is a silicone port cover that when lifted reveals the plug-in for the headset.


As far as privacy codes go, there are 50 CTCSS codes present. There is a DCS function present as well. The device can scan for frequencies and has an emergency alarm function built into it as well. There is an LED torch light present as well, which is quite bright. You also get a low battery alarm on this thing. This device can be programmed via the CHIRP software as well. You get English as well as Chinese voice prompts on this device. When your battery goes low, you can use the power saving mode to get something extra out from the batteries.

The walkie talkie

This unit works on single band though. Esynic radios can communicate with Baofeng 888s/Retevis/Beeway 5W radios. there is a button and microphone located just below the chin on the earpiece wire, and this has the VOX as well, which works just as advertised. There is no roger beep on this device but I have had zero issues with calls not going through on this walkie talkie. NOAA transmits on VHF MHz. These are only UHF 400-470 transceivers. So you don’t get any of those NOAA alerts. It does not require a base station and is easy to set up.

Range and Performance

As far as the range on this walkie-talkie goes, it is not bad at all. The advertised range is of 5 KM, but I have never tested it out for a distance of more than 3 KM, and it was struggling at that mark. For an urban setting, that is not bad at all.
The squelch on this walkie talkie is a little aggressive. A little aggressive is a good thing in my books. Most of the time it was not a problem while talking on the unit. These walkie talkies have no water resistance which is kind of a bummer.

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Even a little rain will surely cause irrepairable damage to this unit. The earpiece works great, and is reversible which means you can use it any way. At about 1/4 mile, they were crystal clear while I was on the road. At a hilly area, you might just squeeze out 3 miles of range from this walkie talkie. Your mileage may vary depending on where you live.


These walkie talkies are really good for the price. What is even more interesting is that all eSynic products come with an 18 month warranty as well as lifetime customer support. I have not tried these out yet but it is certainly a welcome extra from them. These units are made in China but are very durable and feel good to hold in the hand. For the price, I would recommend this to any buyer alongside the BaoFeng 888s series walkie-talkies. They work well and have a long range.



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