ICOM IC-M24 Review

ICOM IC-M24 ReviewICOM IC-M24 Walkie Talkie Review

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The ICOM IC-M24 walkie talkie is designed to be an over the air communication device which is nearly indestructible. This radio may be small in stature, but is big in power and rich in features. This walkie talkie is positive proof that big things sometimes do come in small packages and that bigger does not always mean better. How does the IC-M24 compare against other models? Decide for yourself.

First of all, this device is any sailors companion: It’s a technical device that can be used in many lifesaving ways. The most most important feature of the ICOM IC-M24 above all else is its buoyancy. This radio is actually designed to float, which is awesome. If it does happen to go overboard it has a spectacular ‘float ‘n flash’ feature with bright flashing red LED lights so you’re able to locate the device, even in dark or foggy conditions. The best part about the ‘float ‘n flash’ feature is that it works even when the device is switched off; as soon as the walkie talkie is in contact with water, the lights are activated. With conditions on a boat the way they are, it is entirely likely that one may lose at least one walkie talkie overboard in their lifetime, but with the IC-M24 that walkie talkie doesn’t have to be lost forever.

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At it’s high powered function of 5W the ICOM IC-M24 has all the power a much larger handset may have at half the size and twice the battery life. The battery life comes from a combination of a 3.7V and newly designed circuitry that gives this device up to 10 hours of continuous use between charges. Its built-in port offers regular charging through wall or car lighter, but there is also the option of using a rapid charger which will fully charge a removed battery in under 2.5 hours.

Other Features

The device itself may be small, but its screen is purposely designed to be able to be read easily. It has a relatively large LCD screen which makes it easy to read all of your key information including what channel the user is tuned in to and the remaining battery life. The screen and the keys are backlit for easy use even at night, which is something we feel all walkie talkies we reviewed should have..

ICOM Ic-M24 Flash and float featureBeing small and powerful makes this walkie pretty impressive, but it is its special features that really set the ICOM IC-M24 apart from its competitors. Let’s start with the tag scan and favorite channel functions which only recall tagged channels and the favorite button which scans through tagged channels in rotation. There are also two buttons that allow you to easily switch the walkie talkie from top volume to absolute mute with a single touch which can be useful in many situations. It obviously floats which has to make it a little water resistant, but this device is constructed to withstand submersion up to one meter for half an hour and when you do fish it out it has an ‘AquaQuake’ function to quickly dispel any standing water that might be stuck in the speaking grill. The IC-M24 lets you know when your battery is getting low and even switches into battery saving mode when needed. Lastly, it comes with its own belt clip which ensures its safety and security when it’s not in use.


How does the ICOM IC-M24 compare against other models? A lot better than one may think considering its size. The fact that it could be floating around your boat for up to half an hour without any permanent damage is enough to make the M24 first in its class, but that is just the beginning. Even if it is pitch black the ‘float ‘n flash’ function allows you to easily spot an overboard walkie talkie. Even though this device is much smaller than its competitors it has the same amount of power and twice the battery life with half the charging time. Users will also find that the IC-M24 has one of the easiest user interfaces possible with an easy to read screen and backlit buttons to easily read and use this device in any lighting. And if that wasn;t quite enough yet to make this the best marine walkie talkie on the market there are all of its special features like the ‘AquaQuake’ function, and easy mute and full volume buttons. When placed up against its competitors it is easy to see that the ICOM IC-M24 walkie talkie makes many other models look like amateurs.



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